65 Times People Raised The Question ‘What’s Wrong With My Cat?’

It’s beyond belief how little we know about what we call our best furry friends. Ok, we don’t actually call cats that, ‘cause they would be better off without humans altogether, but we’d like to think we are.

I mean, we now have evidence that felines sleep in trees, form super weird shapes with fellow felines, and on some occasions, their .exe just stops working. Apparently, that’s not it.

People have a whole subreddit dedicated to sightings of cats that got caught acting super weird. Like weird². Serious about not being serious, we present you the most off-the-track cattos from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat that either need some fixing, or I give up.

#1 He’s Trying To Pass Out In Anger..so Adorable!

Image credits: llullabyY1

#2 Meet Katsu: A Dramatic And Needy Boi Screaming For His Hooman

Image credits: cutecatsinspace

#3 He’s About To Speak Italian

Image credits: fyae

Bored Panda reached out to the creator of r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat, which now has 200K members and basically says “that’s just not right.”

The redditor just-a-traveler told us that he made the subreddit as a companion to a similar subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog. Created five years ago, the dog community now has a staggering 875K members.

“Both subreddits serve as a place for folks to show off their pets being goofs,” just-a-traveler said. He was also laconic when asked about the idea behind it: “the images pretty much speak for themselves.”

And it’s true. We don’t know why these cats are acting so weird and stuff, but we may never find a reason. In the end, this is cat logic and the only thing we are sure about is that it doesn’t work by the book.

#4 Guys, Please, What’s Wrong With My Bat?

Image credits: Nirami

#5 All Hail To The Light

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#6 *visible Confusion*

Image credits: bajinglez

#7 My Friend’s Explanation Is “He’s Just Weird, Idk”

Image credits: I_Only_Look_Irish

#8 Hmmm

Image credits: jasontaken

#9 He Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: iknowallmyabcs

#10 Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#11 Is This What They Call Cubism?

Image credits: bajinglez

#12 He Is Laying On His Back On Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Wide Open, Just Staring At The Ceiling

Image credits: soccer-law

#13 A Threatening Aura

Image credits: TheMightyWill

#14 Sometimes The Stair Light Would Turn On At Night…

sometimes the stair light would turn on at night… from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

#15 Everytime I Clear Out Some Space In The Fridge, Noodle Thinks It’s For Him

Image credits: friendlynoodless

#16 Think Batteries Are Low

Image credits: Kimmsrevenge

#17 Ulthar Has Started To Lick The Walls, No Idea Why

Image credits: jotunsson

#18 She Likes To Drink The Water By Dipping Her Belly Into The Bowl?

My silly cat likes to drink her water by dipping her belly into the bowl, and then licking the water off of her fur from r/aww

#19 My Cat Is Self-Sufficient

Image credits: Dying_Need_Cat_Pics

#20 Don’t Know How He Got There. He Cries Until I Come Look At Him

Image credits: s-rizzo

#21 Mr. Bigglesworth

Mr. Bigglesworth from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

#22 I Wanted A Cat, But I Got Whatever This Is Instead

Image credits: AJfuckingSucks

#23 Sadie Big Stretchin’ In The Sun Looks Like A Mirror Camera Effect… But She’s Just Löng

Image credits: solid_static

#24 Nom

Image credits: jasontaken

#25 Cat Raising Paw To Gain Attention

Image credits: rztan

#26 Too Exhausted To Even Make It To The Amazon Box

Image credits: fryingsquirrels

#27 Too Lazy To Stand Up So He Clogged The Sink With His Body And Created A ‘Drinking Pool’

Image credits: Matildishh

#28 My Mom’s Cat. 100% Stuck And Not Nearly As Amused As I Was

Image credits: shade-tree_pilot

#29 Some Cats Hunt Mice And Bring Them To You As A Gift. My Cat Hunts Bread

Image credits: somberestofmuffins

#30 The Whisker Demon Has Returned To Assert Dominance While I Clean Up Her Hairball

Image credits: bubblybeep

#31 Family Just Got A New Cat, Haven’t Met Her Yet But This Is The First Picture My Mom Sent Me Of Her Lol

Image credits: sacramentoproud13

#32 He Really Likes The Faucet, But He’s Really Bad At It

Image credits: gateface970

#33 Longè

Image credits: culdesaccolony

#34 Malfunctioning At 2 Am

Image credits: loafjunky

#35 He Doesnt Give A Flying F.

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#36 Bottle Time Causes Her Ears To Wiggle

Bottle time causes her ears to wiggle from r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

#37 I Find Her Sitting Like This All The Time

Image credits: pjwestin

#38 I’ll Always Be Watching John There’s No Escaping Me

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#39 This Seems Like A Good Place For Laurie To Chill (Fry In The Background)

Image credits: mobiuschic42

#40 My Cat Sleeps With His Eyes Wide Open Sometimes And It’s Creepy As Hell

Image credits: DeadMonkey321

#41 Even More Heartwarming Is That It Was A “Mommy’s Home” Reaction

Image credits: Lucyloves

#42 Sneki Boi

Image credits: Peppeneppe

#43 Superhero Pose!

Image credits: HelloYesIAmJess

#44 No He’s Not Dead, He’s Just Very Comfortable

Image credits: KnightHawk712

#45 Cheers

Image credits: martincgn

#46 Mlem Trigger

Image credits: ChronicallySad

#47 I Guess It’s Nice And Warm?

Image credits: Sham_Pain_Renegade

#48 The Rare And Extremely Dangerous Trouser Cat

Image credits: ThotMyProblem

#49 Mom Sent Me This Picture Of My Cat This Morning While She Was Cat Sitting. Kitty Loves Her Grandma!

Image credits: Shana24601

#50 She Tried Out A New Pose On The Stairs Today

Image credits: nocturnalrat

#51 Oprah Loves Hanging On The Clothes Horse

Image credits: amosab

#52 Budz Gets The Hose Again

Image credits: FreeOrangeJuice

#53 Just As The Prophecy Foretold

Image credits: jasontaken

#54 Why Is She Like This?

Image credits: urfuckentrashbabe

#55 Smile For The Camera

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#56 Told Gobbolino To Get Off The Cupboard. He Made This Face

Image credits: thebeastwhatsqueaks

#57 Someone Doesn’t Understand The New Face Scratcher

Image credits: 5 months ago

#58 My Cat Likes To “Bite” Me Then Apologies By Licking Me But Won’t Let Me Leave.

Image credits: bigwezz

#59 Leo Has An Odd Way Of Relaxing

Image credits: too-indecisive

#60 Very Well Then

Image credits: Blank_M1nd

#61 My Cat Uses The Ducts To Get Around My House Sometimes

Image credits: solarganome

#62 Whatever Is Comfy I Guess

Image credits: ryan4637

#63 Spinning Cat On A Ladder

Image credits: Crazendrix

#64 Freddy Krueger Kitty

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#65 That’s A Disney Movie Villain If I’ve Ever Seen One

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

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