Cats In Halloween Costumes

1.Darth Vader 2. Yoda 3. Princess Leia 4. Captain America 5. Nick Fur-ry 6. Super-cute Cat 7.  The Dark Night 8. Scuba Cat 10.Froggy the Cat 11. Maverick from Top Gun 13. Lion Cat 15 . Captain Cat Sparrow 16. Puss in Boots 17. Bob Murrrley   18 . The Little Red Riding Hood [source]

Funny Cat Versus Human Comic

1. We love each Other….. 2. Time To Make The Bed… 3. Yaww..Its Going to be a Beautiful Day… 4. OOPS! Gotta Run Some Errands !….. 5. Times When My Cat Wants Attention…..   6. Play with Me!!!… 7. Your Cat is eating from your bowl!   8. Urinating … with Cat.

This dog always puts a smile on my face

Pretty dog. There used to be a pic cartoon of a similar dog patting a cat on the head. Dog was very happy and playful too, cat not so much.

Aww the cat is giving him hugs

You’re my everything. I love you sooo much. I will never leave you. Please love me back.😍

Love, compassion and understanding is all it takes…beautiful!

Thats AMAZING and Wonderful…these people are the BEST…Now hes LIVING with LOVE

Cutest kittens & Puppy Falling Asleep

“You are my pillow and I lerve you.” –Kitten “Okay… I lerve you, too.” –Puppy

Best Funniest Cat Videos

Hold my catnip and watch this I love it when a plan comes together Once again cats scoff at the laws of physics Cat hacker What?   Drink from the faucet. Like this? Stop staring at me Cat and bathtub fish Hey, back off gator … I’m a cat! Oh yes, I like this so very much