Funniest Dirty Jokes of All Time


A man is in a hotel lobby. He wants to ask the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk,

he accidentally bumps into a woman beside him and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast.

They are both startled and he says,

“Ma’am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you’ll forgive me.

” She replies, “

if your penis is as hard as your elbow, I’m in room 1221.”


A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer.

The husband puts, “Mypenis,”

and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says,

“Error. Not long enough.”


A man and his wife were having sex one night in there bedroom. There little boy opens the door and says

“Daddy what are you doing to mama?”

Then the daddy says

“Making you a little sister”

And then the boy replies

“Hell no do it doggy style I want a puppy.”