Ryan Reynolds Reunites Woman With Teddy Bear That Had Her Late Mother’s Voice Recording On It After $5,000 Reward Offer

Mara Soriano from Vancouver, Canada was recently moving apartments when she got a phone call from a friend that completely derailed her train of action. As Mara rushed to help her friend, she left her bags unattended. One of them had a particularly priceless item inside: a teddy bear with her late mom’s voice recording on it that was snagged away in a moment.

After Mara issued an online plea to help find her stolen teddy bear, the internet-wide search began. And it was led by one of the most loved people on the planet—Ryan Reynolds, who promised “$5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara. Zero questions asked” in a tweet on July 26.

Three days later, Reynolds came back with happy news that blew up over the internet with everyone being able to finally sleep well. And when it seems that you can’t possibly like RR even more, he proves us wrong by earning extra karma points yet again.

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Ryan Reynolds, who led the search for Mara’s bear, reminded everyone once again why we like him so much

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Mara posted this online plea asking for help to find the last remaining things she has from her deceased mom, which were stolen

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Image credits: alohaaamara

Everyone started looking for the bear, with Ryan Reynolds putting out a $5,000 reward and an unlimited supply of gin for it

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Image credits: VancityReynolds

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And, finally, Mama Bear is home!

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Reynolds was over the moon to break the happy news to everyone

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And everyone was so grateful for the wonderful news

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The most wholesome person on the planet badge goes to… you need not guess whom

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