This Doggo Tries To Make His Brother Feel Better By Bringing Him His Bed

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend. This story will show you that dogs are each other’s best friends too. Spanky (6 years old) and Roman (8 years old) have been inseparable since they first met. They do everything together. When one leaves, the other howls and scratches the door. They sleep together, play together—you won’t see one without the other.

The owners of these two adorable pups found out that Roman was sick with ear problems, and Spanky was very worried about him. Since they had to wait a few weeks until the operation, the owners decided to put up a camera in their home so that they could keep an eye on the dogs while they were away.

One day at work, they got a notification and saw the most adorable moment between these puppers. Jackie Rogers (the owner’s sister) shared the video on Facebook and TikTok and it has over a million views!

In the video, you can see Spanky dragging his bed towards his brother. After that, they both lay on it, snuggling. Spanky brought his bed to Roman so that he would be more comfortable and would be closer for moral support. Isn’t that adorable?

This moment captured people’s hearts—they sent love and cute comments to the two dogs and wished for Roman to be healthy.

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Spanky helping his sick brother, by bringing him the bed

Jackie shared with Bored Panda: “Roman is the red one and Spanky is the white one. Roman is 8 and Spanky is 6 1/2. We’ve had them both since they were puppies! Roman is energetic, serious, all about hikes & playing, while Spanky is about snuggling, laying down, & sunbathing in any sunspot he can find. Since the day we took Spanky home, he bonded with Roman instantly. He has always cuddled up next to him throughout the day/night.”

Spanky (6 years old) and Roman (8 years old)

Image credits: roman_spanky

“When Roman moves, Spanky moves to be near him. If we leave the house with Roman without taking Spanky, you can hear him crying/barking from outside as soon as the door closes and if you check the camera, he will be laying at whatever door Roman left out of. One day we were looking at Roman and I noticed his ear looked puffy. My sister took him to the vet immediately and they said he had a hematoma in his ear and needed surgery.”

Image credits: roman_spanky

“The surgery was booked for 2 weeks out and 5 days before the surgery, I noticed his ear was huge and causing him discomfort, so I took him to the vet to make sure he could make it 5 more days without his ear rupturing and they assured me he could, so the day after that vet appointment was the day of the video.”

Image credits: roman_spanky

“We have a ring camera set up so we can check on them throughout the day. One day at work, I saw my notifications going crazy so I checked and that’s when I saw the video. Immediately, I watched it over and over again, not believing what I saw! I texted my sister to watch it and I showed my coworkers as well. Later that night is when we decided to post it so others could see. I posted it on my Facebook and TikTok. That’s when it spread like wildfire!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

“Roman has had surgery and he is doing so much better. He has to wear the cone for another week, but he has become adjusted to it—our ankles, not so much. The boys are back to snuggling each and every moment they can! My sister and I are beyond happy that this video has reached so many people and they loved it just as much as we do!”

Image credits: roman_spanky

We hope you enjoyed this sweet story of Roman and Spanky, and we wish them many more snuggles and happy times to come!

Image credits: roman_spanky

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